Friday, May 8, 2015

Beautiful Blooms at Harkness State Park

It's finally spring here in southern Connecticut, and it seems like this week everything was finally in full bloom, unfurling as the warm sunshine beamed down day after day.

Every year there is a large patch on the lawn at Harkness Memorial State park that blooms with daffodils and narcissus. I heard that it was not blooming as early as prior years, but I think I ended up visiting at the right time. The flowers were not only fully bloomed, but the fragrance of the narcissus was heaven!

Since the sea breezes keep the coastline cooler than inland spots, some of what we experience with plants occurs later than in other towns. But the first week of May is always full of blooms here. The Eolia mansion at Harkness is right by the water with the lawn and gardens surrounding it. You can see it in the photo below:

Eolia mansion is in the background

Sometimes it seems impossible to get a photo that shows all the flowers from the best angle. But it's fun to try!

It's unfortunate that the popularity of this spectacle has resulted in the park having to install a sign telling visitors not to pick the flowers. So please, go and look. But respect the display and leave it intact for others to appreciate.

It's also time for the annual Friends of Harkness plant sale. I wandered over to the greenhouse for a peek inside. I remember last year they had the same plants with purple flowers.

The greenhouse at Harkness

I have noticed how all of the flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs are decorating streets and yards around the area right now, and when I was in Old Lyme on a different day, I saw this beautiful scene:

A beautiful scene on Lyme Street in Old Lyme, CT

If only the trees and lawns could look like this all the time! 

If you are looking for some visitor information about everything you can do at Harkness State Park, and nearby areas, check out my 150-page downloadable PDF eGuide here. It describes various shoreline beaches and parks in Connecticut and Rhode Island and includes full-color photos and insider tips from me, a local resident.

Enjoy the May days!

~ Cheryl

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