Monday, April 20, 2015

Labyrinth By The Sea

We've had a preview of summer, a couple of temperate days by the coastline in the past week. We still get the chilly breeze off the water at times, but the agreeable weather has coaxed people back outside after the long winter we endured.

On one of those days, I ventured out in the evening to see the sunset at McCook Point Park in Niantic. This location has a beach and a grassy park and playground on a high hill. There is quite a view from up there. I stayed in the car for most of my visit, because the wind off the water was chilly that evening and I was giving in to my tendency to be a chicken when it's cold.

However, I did get out for about 10 minutes and took a walk by the breaking waves. The fading light created a pretty glow over the scene. Some strapping young men were daring each other or playing some game, because about three of them took off their shirts and shoes and dove in the water for a polar dip! I'm sure the water is about 35 degrees!

As I made my way back to the car, I wandered over to the side of the beach where I saw a signpost stuck in the sand. It turns out it was the entrance to a labyrinth created with beach stones. The sign indicated the folks at the Niantic Community Church were the creators and the sign listed guidelines for using the labyrinth. I decided to walk it.

It's not a big labyrinth, so it doesn't take long to walk to the center and back out again. I wondered how a maker knows the way to draw out the path and keep it proportional and a correct design.

Because the labyrinth is small, there isn't much time to get deep into reflection when walking it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. When I got to the center I set down on the center stone a small piece of white seaglass I'd found by the water.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a large, permanent labyrinth on every beach? A place to respect, reflect, and celebrate the beauty of where you are in the moment?

If you want to know more about McCook Point Park in East Lyme, CT, visit my website to buy my downloadable beach eGuide.

Thank you for stopping here!

~ Cheryl

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sea Urchin on the Beach!

We've finally had a stretch of sunny, clear days, though the air and wind is still a bit chilly at times. I went for a walk on one of my favorite beaches here in southeastern Connecticut, and it's been weeks since I visited. I was really amazed by how even the sandscape was, and the beach was very clean (well, it always is in the spring).

The waves were so small on this afternoon that you could barely hear any surf. Don't let the picture fool you. I didn't do a lot of walking or looking around for treasures, I simply wanted to enjoy the warm sunshine, the fresh air and the vast view this day.

So it wasn't until I got up to leave that I took a few moments to walk at the water's edge and I mostly saw slipper limpet shells and one piece of sea glass, but nothing much of interest. I was hoping to find some angel's wings shells, but no luck there. Suddenly I looked down and saw a sea urchin!

Of course, it was dead and most of the spines were gone, but it was a fun find because I've never found one before! Just when you think there isn't anything exciting to discover, when summer hasn't begun yet and winter is still right behind you...

I looked out toward Long Island and saw the Cross Sound Ferry heading out for the first evening trip, and I thought to myself that an adventure is in order. Perhaps this summer I will get to take the ferry to visit some New York relatives.

Until the next beach adventure...

~ Cheryl