Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Footsteps into the Past: Sandy Toes and Classic Cars by the Sea

I've been spending more time at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT, this spring than I usually do. I met some friends there one day, and another day I took a peek at the British by the Sea (Connecticut MG Club) classic car event. Both days had sparkling sunshine with a cool ocean breeze.

British by the Sea at Harkness State Park in Waterford

The gardens are blooming with the late spring flower varieties, and every day and week are different. I happened to get there when the wisteria was just finishing blooming.

A walk down on the beach ignited the creativity in me. I took some slipper limpet shells and embellished some footprints I found. Too bad the "mermaid's toenails" shells I often find are not appropriately shaped for this project!

Slipper limpet shells make nice "toes"

I was really excited to find a piece of blue sea glass, even though it was pretty small.

The tide was low enough that this cluster of mussels and seaweed made for a nice photo compositon:

There are enough rocks down on that beach so you can find some treasures or use them as subjects for photography.

The water is still cold, but very clean, clear and inviting:

Up at the gardens, I saw the most georgeous salmon-colored poppies.

Lovely poppies!

The serenity of the east garden:

Flaming pink azaleas in full bloom!

I am not much of a classic car afficionado, but it was still fun to see others who are passionate about their vintage beauties.

I met one couple who had a silver Jaguar that they'd kept for 20 years, after buying it from someone (disinterested in the car) who had kept it in storage for 18 years. Some other vehicles were more "modern," like this 1986 Lotus. Move over, Crockett and Tubbs!

Another MG model:

No matter if people go to enjoy the cars or other events, or the beach, picnic area, gardens or the view of the sea, Harkness is the most diverse southeastern Connecticut state park to enjoy this summer!

Have fun in the sun!
And check out my Harkness video:

~ Cheryl

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